Q: "How do I use IPM?"


A: Athena IPM is good from Veg to the 5th week of flower. It is used as a foliar spray and treats all soft tissue insects and powdery mildew. 

Application - Evenly coat and cover the entire plant from stem to leaf and spray only with the lights off. 

For Preventative Maintenance, mix 60-90mL per gallon, and spray 2x per week. 

For Active Pest Pressure, mix 90-120mL per Gallon and spray 3x per week. 



Q: "How do I use IPM to root drench?"


A: Application for root drench, mix 10mL per gallon. Water the plant with the lights off so the solution stays in the root zone. Let it sit for four hours, then flush it out with light strength and nutrient solution. 



Q: "What is the difference between the Blended Line and Pro Line?"


A: The Blended Line is ideal for use with recirculating systems but can be used with all watering systems. It is a two-part liquid formula, sediment free. Use Grow A&B or Bloom A&B in equal amounts. 

The Pro Line is ideal for use with drip drain to waste systems, and dosing systems utilizing stock tanks. It is a two-part powder that provides all the essential micro/macro/trace elements required for cannabis cultivation. Both Lines can be used in any grow medium. 



Q: "How do I pre soak cubes?"


A: Pre soaking cubes with the Blended Line:

  • 3.0 mL/gal Grow A
  • 2.0 mL/gal CaMg
  • EC 0.7
  • PPM 550 (700 Scale)
  • pH 5.7




Q: "Should I use an airstone?"


A: No. Airstones will cause pH to rise over time. We recommend using a circulation pump to keep your solution mixed. 



Q: "Where can I buy Athena?"


A: Visit www.athenaag.com and click the Support tab. From there you can choose to Find a Dealer Near You with the Dealer Locator. An order can also be placed directly through our website.