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Athena® is not
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The Athena® program was created out of the need for cultivators to have data-driven, easy-to-use, cannabis specific products and procedures that drive success, whether for one light or a thousand. Our mission is to combat misinformation and share genuine knowledge, processes, and data based on observations in our grow rooms.

Athena® has an extensive library of procedures related not only to the Athena program, but to cultivation in general.

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At Athena, not only do we have a qualified team of advisors, but we also have the best in the game offering technical support via phone and through comments/DMs to our social media following through Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn and more. Our goal is to help growers become successful by giving advice based on generations of cultivation experience.

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We don’t believe in charging for grow advice. Our in-house team and facility advisors are here to help growers at any scale. All facility advisors have run and managed large commercial facilities. These guys are all top-tier cultivators that continue training with the teams at Jungle Boys.

Facility Advisors specialize not only in the Athena program, but also in solving various facility, irrigation, and environmental issues. The program’s primary objective is to promote success across the cannabis industry. They have a fundamental belief that “if you don’t do it, you don’t know it.” They possess firsthand knowledge and experience in irrigation strategy, EC stacking, IPM, irrigation automation, and facility standard operating procedures.


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