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Start with
Water first.

Clean, buffered, and pH-balanced water is the foundation for successful irrigation strategy.

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Step 1


Adjust pH with Balance before adding fertilizers for optimal mixing conditions and nutrient availability.

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Pro Balance

Developed especially for advanced irrigation systems like Netaflex with venturis that may clog when using potassium silicates for pH management. Our ultra-pure potassium carbonate formula is 100% soluble and easily mixes into a high concentration solution.

Blended Balance

The ultimate tool for adjusting pH. No potassium silicate products are needed with the use of Blended Balance. It provides simple pH adjustment before adding fertilizers, and is ideal for use in all irrigation systems without venturis.


Plants absorb nutrients based on the pH of the solution. At low pH (acidic), micronutrients become more available and may cause toxicity. At high pH (alkaline), these same elements may become locked out and cause deficiencies. Using Balance or Pro Balance in your fertilizer mix establishes a stable pH for optimal nutrient uptake.

Step 2


Cleanse raises the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) of water, increasing its ability to oxidize and reduce substances like mineral scale and organic matter.

Remove mineral
Scale and buildup

Hypochlorous acid works to dissolve mineral scale in pipes and irrigation lines by increasing ORP, dissolving and flushing away unwanted material.

Extend the life
of your system

Irrigation water contains minerals that can build up inside irrigation systems, causing friction, corrosion and general decline of function. Cleanse minimizes required maintenance.

Prevents Drippers
From clogging

Biofilm and scale in irrigation lines can clog drippers and dehydrate plants. When Cleanse is used regularly, mineral scale cannot establish inside irrigation lines. It is safe to use with plants through the growing cycle.

Cleanse is

Compatible with all fertilizers
and all fertigation systems

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